Climbing craters in Hawaii

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

After several days amidst Canada’s wintery slopes, we walked straight into the arms of bustling Hawaii – the perfect sunny respite.

When we left Canada for Hawaii, what we saw was very different and the distinctions weren’t just limited to the climate. To Calgary’s adventurous spirit, Hawaii was a relaxing contrast. Where the former left us feeling cosy by the fire as the snow fell outside, the latter gave us the chance to sink our toes into the sandy beaches. And while Calgary felt a lot more residential (perhaps owing to the fact that we stayed with locals), Hawaii felt like a quintessential tourist hub, at least at first sight!

We’ve made quite a habit of climbing to the top of cities and this time too it was no different. Our first adventure in this city saw us climb the Diamond Head Crater, a roughly hour-long hike that starts in the middle of the crater and carries you to the edge of its rim.

If you’ve hiked before, this trip will likely be an easy climb. For us, it gave us the chance to stretch our limbs and really immerse ourselves in physical activity in a way that Calgary’s freezing temperatures couldn’t allow. It also gave us breathtaking 360 degree views of the city for which the discomfort of a little heat and mild exhaustion were well worth enduring. Oh and the best part? When you do get tired, the perfect pick-me-up is right on hand – shaved ice, an icon of Hawaii that I simply can’t get enough of.

Memories of food and scents have a way of staying with me longer than most and even as I write this, on a humid Australian summer night, I wish for nothing more than to be having some fruity, cold shaved ice atop Oahu’s dreamy crater and telling my fear of height to f#@k off.

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  1. Great post.

  2. Stunning pictures, looks like an adventurous trip.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  3. Just wonderful pictures!

  4. Wow so amazing! These photos are incredible :)
    The Fancy Cats | INSTA

  5. Everything looks so amazing! *_*
    Thanks for your comment :)

  6. I really loved my time visiting Hawaii but I didn't get to climb any craters. Your photos look spectacular. And thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Appreciate your comments on my reciprocity post.

  7. Wow! Your photos are incredible! I have never been to Hawaii, but I would love to visit. And congrats on being selected for Links a la Mode! :)


  8. Omg, look at those VIEWS! Stunning! Thanks for sharing this, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. So so pretty!